“A Minnesotan will invite you anywhere…

“…except into their home.”

I moved to Saint Paul during the Polar Vortex (quite the welcome). For about a year and a half, I worked from home. Two winters came and went this way, and I started feeling like I was losing my mind…just a tad.

When the third winter started to rear its ugly head, I decided I’d had enough. Something needed to change. I teetered on the edge of sanity and thought I’d give in. YOU WIN, MINNESOTA. I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT ANYMORE.

After some soul searching, and lots oh I mean lots of wine, it became apparent to me that I needed to A) work outside of my apartment and not in an office sharing space with people I never see more than once, and B) I needed to learn more about the things I wanted to do.

Enter GDI.

Not only did I feel less alone in the desire for a serious life/career change, it gave me confidence on the very things I wanted to work with.

A few months later, I found a better career situation. I’m also engaged to the Minnesconsin boy, so I’m pretty stuck here. Time to get cozy.

I’m going to write about being a fish out of water, a n00b and a wizened crone (depending on the day), concerts I go to, family things, Minnesota, the works. I’m going to write because I need it. Read it or don’t I’ll be here.

There are about five “stories for another time” that I can count in this post. But let this be a beginning.

To wrap up this little intro, I have included the back of my head below. It’s famous! Enjoy.



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